September 28, 2021

Signs of the Time

Main Street in Delphos may have changed through the years, but a visit to the Canal Commission museum can bring back some memories of what “used to be.” One of our more popular items is signs from stores. Among those we have are the Coffee Cup, Stallkamps Drugs, and the Corner Hardware. The Coffee Cup, […]

Pop and His Automobiles

Among the items given to us by the family of the late Ann Lang was a booklet containing anecdotes compiled by various family members in 1995.  In one of the articles, Ann writes about her father, Elmer (Dewey) Steinle, who owned Lion Clothing for many years.   Pop and His Automobiles   “Grosspapa Steinle had […]

The Eagles Band

  Canal Days is fast approaching and one of the big events is the parade.  And what would a parade be without bands marching and playing?  From 1901 until 1971, one group that could always be counted on to participate in local parades was the Eagle’s Band.  It was over 100 years ago, in 1901, […]

Happy 100th Birthday, Lincoln Highway

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway, the first coast to coast road in America.  Beginning at Times Square in New York and ending at Lincoln Park in San Francisco, it was formally dedicated October 31, 1913, making it  America’s first national memorial to President Abraham Lincoln, predating the 1922 dedication of […]

The Iceman

  As summer intensifies, one way to seek relief is with ice-cold drinks.  It is very easy to go to the refrigerator and get ice cubes from the freezer or crushed ice from a dispenser on the door of the refrigerator.  And for times when more ice is needed to fill ice chests for picnics […]

Beauty or Torture?

  In the early 1900’s a woman who desired curls either had to heat curling irons over a flame or sleep with rags and pins in her hair.  But a new machine promised to change all that.  Enter the permanent wave machine which used a combination of chemicals and clamps heated by electricity. The machine […]

The Monitor Top Refrigerator

        General Electric did for the refrigerator what Ford did for the automobile.  Believe it or not, in 1922 a Model-T Ford cost about $450 while an electric refrigerator cost $714, putting it out of the reach of most people.  In 1927, General Electric changed that with a refrigerator which sold for […]

Preserving History

100 years ago, John Wahmhoff, a local druggist, began collecting historical artifacts from people. A look at some of these first items gives us insight into what the people at that time thought was worthy of keeping to show future generations.  Fortunately, Wahmhoff archived everything by the year it was received and the museum still […]

Veteran’s Groups

After the Civil War had ended in 1865 and the surviving soldiers had gone home, and after the horrible images had faded somewhat, many of them began to miss the friendships and camaraderie that they had shared during the war.  Out of this, the Grand Army of the Republic was formed.  In Delphos, Post #95 […]

Horses and Stars

  Although Christmas is actually a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, to a child Christmas is synonymous with toys.  And since toys are a reflection of society at any given time, they are an important part of history.   At the museum we have a nice collection of toys ranging from the mid-1800’s when […]