May 28, 2024

Exhibits and Collections

The Delphos Canal Commission Museum offers both permanent and short-term exhibits.  Because of the generosity of the people of Delphos, we are able to rotate items in the permanent collections periodically.

The city of Delphos is truly a “crossroads of history.”  Every significant type of transportation has either headquartered in the city or seen major components constructed here over the century and a half since Delphos was founded.  In keeping with this heritage, our first floor is mainly devoted to transportation…from the canal, to the railroad which replaced, it to the automobile.

The second floor is a tribute to Delphos and its people.  Featured are businesses and professions, families, homes, schools, churches, military participation, clubs and organizations, entertainment, and a bridal display featuring over a dozen wedding dresses ranging from the 1890’s through the 1950’s that were worn by local brides.  Also remaining on the 2nd floor is a “log cabin” and  “barn and loft” built from the timbers of an old barn by the Delphos Historical Society.


On our basement level, the histories of industry and agriculture in Delphos and the surrounding area are displayed.  There is also a train room which has a working model train display as well as many items and pictures from the railroads which passed through town.

We invite you to browse the list on the right to view pictures and more information on some of our displays.