June 17, 2024

Return to Starlight Nights

Proclaimed the “world’s greatest non-professional astronomer” by Harvard Observatory’s Dr. Harlow Shapley in 1934, Leslie Peltier is Delphos’ greatest and most famous native son.  The Canal Museum has had a modest exhibit on Peltier since its inception but in 2019 we decided he deserved more. In spring 2019 work was begun to update and improve […]

Take A Hike Into History

It started as a trail for mules pulling boats and immigrants traveling to new homes.  Today it’s the home to bicycles, strollers and cross country teams.  The towpath of the Miami and Erie Canal has, for more than 175 years, been a path for people on the move, whether they’re traveling the length of western […]

Tolan: Architects, Mayor, Publisher, Veterans

Tolan, it’s not a typical Delphos name and there are no Tolans living in the city any more but the name shares some interesting history with our town. James and Elizabeth Tolan lived in Carrolton, Ohio, about 20 miles southeast of Canton, in the early 1800’s.  They had eight children including Thomas Jefferson Tolan and […]

From Mud to Museum

She was born in the middle of the 19th century, the creation of a builder whose engineering skills likely consisted mostly of knowing how to use a hammer and a saw. Christened the Marguerite, this simple, wooden canal boat spent her life gliding through western Ohio on the waters of the Miami and Erie Canal.  […]

Play Ball!!

Strike one the umpire shouted.  Only the batter didn’t hear him.  Four pitches later the batter launched the ball over the centerfield fence for the longest hit ever seen on the Clay Street Grounds.  As he rounded the bases the home fans roared in appreciation.  Only the batter didn’t hear them.  The batter was George […]

Delphos Reds, 1893 Champions of Northwest Ohio

Zane Grey is known world-wide for his great Western novels but one of his earliest novels, The Shortstop, dealt with his passion for the game of baseball.  Zane Grey was born Pearl Zane Grey on January 31, 1873 in Zanesville, Ohio.  He and his brother Romer, who was three years younger, spent their early years […]

Welcome to Delphos… New Mexico???

When the four Ohio villages of East Bredeick, West Bredeick, Section 10 and Howard incorporated in 1851 they became the first community called Delphos in the United States.  But not the last.  There are four other communities, existing and ghost towns, named Delphos in the United States.  Let’s visit them. Delphos, Kansas The village was […]

To Boldly Go…

… Sabrina Scharf Schiller The journey began in a little house on Fort Jennings Road in Delphos, Ohio.  The home stood between Third and Fourth Streets and was built by her mom and her great-uncle Walter Hummer with help from young Sandra Mae Trentman.  Sandy, she was only called Sandra when she was in trouble, […]

The Railroad Watchtowers as Remembered by June Dunlap

Delphos had crossing watchman towers on Bredeick, Jefferson and Franklin streets.  Each tower was responsible for getting the crossing gates down for three crossings.  The one on Bredeick Street was responsible for State, Bredeick and Cass streets.  The Jefferson Street one was responsible for Clay, Jefferson and Canal streets.  The Franklin one was responsible for […]

Evolution of Girls Basketball

  It used to be said that when spring arrives, a young man’s fancy turns to love.  A modern version might be that a young man and a young woman’s fancy turns to March Madness and basketball tournaments.   Boys and girls high school basketball teams are now well into their state tournaments, set up exactly […]