June 17, 2024

1896 in Delphos

Looking through old newspapers for information about the early days of Delphos can become an obsessive experience or it can be very frustrating. It all depends on how much time you have on your hands and whether you like reading about what went on way back when. A recent foray into the newspaper archives for […]

Soda Fountains in Delphos

Soda Fountains trace their history to pharmacies when most medicines were dispensed as liquids. Carbonation and flavorings were used to mask the bitter and awful taste of these concoctions. Pharmacists manned the fountains in the early years as skill was required to get the proper mix of flavored syrups and carbonation and also because many […]

The Planes Are Back!

    Getting the second floor of the Canal Museum open for displays caused lots of shake, rattle and rolling. The model airplane display was the most shaken.  Now, thanks to Dick Oder, who is retired from the military, the planes are all back in order. The wheels, wings, struts and other assorted parts and […]

Rich History

            The Delphos Rotary Club has conducted an historical tour for the Senior Classes at Jefferson and St. John’s schools for many years.  These tours focus on what was in the city and what is left to appreciate from years gone by.  The Canal is a focus because the building […]

Swimwear through the Ages

As the weather warms, we start to think of what to wear to the pool, lake or ocean.  Swimming and swimwear have changed with the times although not in the sequence you might expect.  Cavemen swam but probably not so much as a leisure activity than as a means of getting somewhere or as a […]

Command Sargeant Major Leon Van Autreve

The military collection at the Delphos Canal Commission provides a history of the Delphos area men and women who have served our country since the Civil War. One of our newest donations is the uniform of retired Command Sargeant Major of the Army, Leon Van Autreve. We thank his wife, Rita, and his brother, Edgar, […]

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

  Working at the museum is always a learning experience and we recently had a very fortunate learning experience.  As we were sorting through artifacts to display, we found an old iron piece that appeared to be a piece of junk. Fortunately, our newest Trustee, Steve Dorsten, identified the piece as a part of a […]

War Posters

When America was threatened by war, we used every means possible to encourage support of the war effort by all Americans.   During World War II, Hollywood made patriotic movies and newsreels, victory gardens were planted, war bonds were issued and men and women were recruited to join the military. Housewives and mothers were coaxed into […]

Kollsmith Wagon Works

Wagons were first developed in Mesopotamia in the middle of the fourth century B.C. and improved upon with the invention of the pivoting front axle during ancient Roman times.  The front axle allowed for better steering and turning capabilities. The wagons on display at the Delphos Canal Commission are certainly of a much later date […]

Early Farm Equipment

As you see the farmers out in the fields harvesting the crops, you marvel at the advancements in farming. Just 100 years ago the task was performed by hand and then with the help of horses, mules and oxen. What you see one farmer accomplish in one day once required many days with many men, […]